General database statistics

The current version of MFIB contains 605 protein complexes.

Each structure detailing the interactions were determined by either X-ray (491 out of 605, accounting for 81.0%) or NMR (111 out of 605, accounting for 18.3%). Two structures were determined by electron-microscopy (2 out of 605).

Statistics of oligomeric states

The interactions are formed by 2-6 protein chains with the following oligomeric state distribution:

Statistics of source organism

Entries in MFIB cover a wide range of taxonomic groups. The most represented species in MFIB are shown here:

Statistics of different supporting evidences

For each MFIB entry, there is an evidence demonstrating that the participating proteins are unstructured prior to the interaction and their folding is coupled to binding. The different MFIB entries are supported by four types of evidence (on complex and chain levels).